The Best Productivity Tips for Bloggers

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Blogging is one of the most amazing avenues you can explore if you want to earn money from home. With the right amount of patience and knowledge, you can earn a decent amount of income. Like loads of income 😉

Do you want to be a successful blogger someday? Hey, I know you do or you wouldn’t be reading this! Then, you MUST learn how to be productive in a whole new way!! 😉

Let me share with you some productivity tips that can help you establish a stable blogging career.


First, know the difference between productivity and activity.

Activity and productivity are not the same. You may be working on your blog the entire day, but the effects that the actions turn into are what will make a big difference. This means publishing 1 to 2 high-quality blog posts each day will work better in order to enhance performance, compared to writing 5 to 6 which are poor quality. 

Basically, the amount of actions completed per day means nothing. It is the effectiveness behind this productivity that matters. You need to be productive to reach out to as many interested individuals as possible. Being busy just for the sake of being preoccupied and busy won’t make a positive difference. If you know that your work will suffer, it’s better not to aim for some of the blogging goals you have previously set.  Trust me I know all about this!

Let your passion drive you to success.

Blogging is indeed a promising opportunity for anyone who wants to earn extra income from the comforts of her own home. The thing is, many newbie bloggers fail to take their blog to the next level and make it successful. Why? They fail to realize that blogging is not just about money. 

Just like any other hobby or profession, there should be a powerful driving force behind every blogging goal. This driving force is called “passion,” and this pushes bloggers to reach their maximum potential. Keep in mind that the initial phase of blogging is full of challenges and pressure.

This is the toughest part. Don’t expect to earn money as soon as you sign up on ad programs. Let your passion encourage and motivate you to work harder, without thinking about earnings and other distractions. 

Set your blogging goals now.

At first, you may think that blogging goals are not crucial, but it actually is! Don’t just focus on publishing content. The issue with blogging is that there are so many tasks involved, and if you are not careful, you may have a hard time juggling everything. You might lose sight of the bigger picture. 

An effective way to stop yourself from being confused is by setting blogging goals. Don’t just read productivity tips, and publish posts endlessly. Let your blogging goals be your starting point. 

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Blogging goals can help you become more productive as you grow your brand.

All new bloggers start from nothing. In order to establish your brand in the digital landscape, you need to start from scratch. Again, reading productivity tips is not enough. Let your blogging goals help and motivate you to accomplish more. Don’t expect to get things done well without any expectations and goals. 

Blogging goals can help you work towards success.

Blogging is composed of many tasks that can take forever to accomplish. You can burn so many hours writing and perfecting your posts, while not making beneficial moves for your blog and brand. If you have blogging goals in place, you can manage your time well without any struggle. You can create your content with a genuine vision, and deliver great value to your readers.  Also, set a plan for when you can hire some people to help you!

Setting blogging goals is just the start of your journey.

Once you have figured out what your blogging goals are, it’s time to start your blogging journey. It doesn’t end in setting goals, though. You should track your progress every day! Monitoring your productivity level and blogging performance is like measuring how far you are from the finish line (aka blogging success).

Track your performance so you know where you actually stand. 

Do you want to attract a new audience, or serve your existing readers and community? Are you thinking of exploring influencer marketing? Did you just sign up to an affiliate program, and want to promote a product in your blog? Do you wish to share some important news with your readers? Whatever your blogging goals are, commit to it. Make sure to think about those before starting any blog post.

Success starts within you. Here are the traits you need to be a productive, successful blogger someday.

1. Passion

Successful bloggers are passionate about the things they are writing about. Choose your niche well! I believe that if you genuinely love and enjoy what you are doing, you are bound to succeed.

Love what you do, and the rest will follow.

I know that very well. You know, I’ve been managing this blog for quite a while now, and I love sharing my knowledge with my readers. I just love how the digital landscape can provide us with all of these amazing opportunities. 

2. Confidence 

If you are not confident, your blogging initiatives will most likely fail. Low self-esteem and self-confidence will take you nowhere. Those people who don’t see real value in what they are doing are usually scared to put themselves out there, and chase their dream. The result? Mediocre work and meager effort. 

3. Creativity 

Creativity and productivity always go hand in hand. There are tons of productivity tips out there, and applying them all to yourself requires some creativity. Honestly, you can’t be a competitive and successful blogger if you are not creative. By being creative, you can make sure that there is a touch of unique entertainment and YOUR STYLE in your content. 

4. Patience 

Most beginner bloggers get frustrated when their new blog is not getting the results that they want. Some of them actually end up abandoning their websites. It’s crucial to understand that marketing and content are not the only factors that contribute to a successful blog.

Be patient. In this line of work, good results can really take time. 

5. Organization 

Be organized. This is something that you should remember most especially if you manage multiple websites. Since there are tons of tasks involved, a thorough to-do list is crucial for a healthy blogging process. Think of blogging as a job and business. In order to maximize your blogging schedule, learn how to organize your brainstorming ideas, content promotion techniques, and writing routine. 

Click here for some blogging tools that can help you stay organized. 

6. Social Media Savviness 

As a blogger, the social media world and the digital landscape are your playgrounds. If you don’t spend a lot of time browsing around, how will you learn more about your niche and industry? 

A social media savvy blogger uses social media to interact with followers and readers, and at the same time widen her network by reaching out to influencers.

7. Helpfulness and Generosity

Blogging is a vast industry that thrives on sharing and helping others. The most passionate and sincere bloggers out there genuinely love helping their readers. Take the time to reach out to your readers who leave intelligent comments on your posts. Thank them, or ask them follow up questions. Show them that you care about them, and you are blogging is not only for profit.  

8. Writing Experience

Researching and understanding blogging productivity tips is crucial to jumpstarting your blogging career. But, no matter how productive you are, if you don’t write well, you won’t succeed. (unless you hire a writer)

Bloggers must be excellent communicators!

If you think you need a bit of practice on this part, just relax and take your time. You don’t need to write like Hemingway or Shakespeare to capture the attention of your audience. Write our blog posts in a conversational manner. Make sure everything’s easy to read and understand. 

Blogging Productivity Tips for a Successful You!

1. Maintain a positive mindset.

For many people, starting the day on a positive note is a great challenge. To be productive, you need to choose to be productive and motivate yourself to engage in productivity the entire day.

So, how do you motivate yourself? Meditating will help. It expands your passion and awareness of everything blogging. Meditation as one of the best blogging productivity tips out there. Even just 5 to 10 minutes a day can make an entire productive day. 

2. Map out your entire day.

What blogging tasks are you planning to do today? Don’t just jump on every task without lists and timelines. Set your goals for the day.

Remember you are human!

No matter how hard you try, you can only accomplish a few tasks each day. Which ones do you want to prioritize? 

3. Set up the perfect work station.

Some bloggers want to work in silence while others choose to write with sweet music playing in the background. How about you?

As for me, music can be a bit distracting, and can block the creativity juices flowing in my mind!

No matter what type of work station you choose to set up, make sure that there are no distractions!

4. Don’t strive for perfection.

Working towards perfection is a waste of time. It’s not essential to blogging. You can always go back to your blog post, and make it better. Work towards authenticity. Find the balance between crappy and perfect. hehe!!

5. Don’t check analytics every hour.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of bloggers who check Adsense, affiliate revenue and Google Analytics every two hours. Funny, but true. Haha and that is me – I need to take my own advice.

If you are in the initial stages of your blogging career, don’t expect fast, amazing results. Revenue and traffic fluctuate all the time! Checking these metrics too often can make you emotional and affect your work.

6. Outsource household chores so you can focus on your blog.

I believe in hiring people to help you get things done that aren’t your highest and best use.  For example, if you hire a cleaning service, like apartment cleaning Chicago to do all your deep cleaning it will save you so MUCH time.


Monitor your performance, but don’t do it each hour! 

Share your thoughts and knowledge to the world today through blogging!

I love blogging, and so thankful for every opportunity to earn money doing something I’m passionate about. If you think that blogging is also for you, work hard, and never give up. This is a demanding, ever-changing industry. Keep on dreaming, and chase that blogger dream. Good luck! 

The Best Productivity Tips for Bloggers
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