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Using printables is a major organization hack that can level up your routine. These are amazing digital products that boost motivation and inspiration! With just one click, you can download one, print it, and then use it to organize your thoughts. I, myself, love using printables for day-to-day convenience. How about you? Having a hard time budget meal planning for 2? Meal plan for a family of 5 on a budget? With the help of a  weekly meal budget planner, meal planning budget brainstorming becomes easier. 


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What are printables?

Printables are high-resolution downloadable templates used to streamline productivity routines. Depending on the item you’re purchasing, it may come on a JPG or PDF format.  You buy it, download it and print it anytime you want for personal use.

I know that when it comes to meal planning, cooking, shopping, and household inventories, things can get crazy. So many details to list down and monitor. How can you do all of those, alongside working, cleaning, and taking care of your loved ones? Thankfully, there are lots of printable choices out there that you can use! 

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Reasons why I love using a weekly meal budget planner and other printables!

I know that it’s so hard to stay focused and remain productive these days. It’s actually one of the reasons why I started looking for productivity and organization hacks that can amplify my daily work process. Sure, apps are useful, but going for the traditional pen and paper habit is even more therapeutic for me.

The very reason why I love using printables for my weekly meal plans! Budget meal planning makes household routines so much easier and gives you a host of benefits that comes from cooking delicious homemade dishes.

1. No need to go to the store to buy one.

Need to plan a budget for a family gathering? How to organize those beautiful meal planning ideas?! Printing a weekly meal budget planner template only takes one click! No need to head to a physical store to buy one. 

2. Purchase a weekly meal budget planner printable, and print as many copies as you like.

Investing in a yearly or weekly meal budget planner means that in due time, it will soon be used up and done. A printable template, on the other hand, can be used over and over again for as long as you like. 

The good news is that you download my FREE elegant meal planner bundle.


3. A weekly meal budget planner is super cost-effective.

Printables are still beneficial even if you’re only working on a budget meal planner for 1. It’s also super cost-effective. Even if you factor in the paper and ink you need to print them, a printable weekly meal budget planner is only a fraction of the overall cost of purchasing a physical one. Alongside that, you’ll have 100% control over its paper quality. 

4. Planning a meal on a budget? Use a printable now, and have access to different layout designs!

Getting a physical planner won’t really come with the exact colors and layout that you want all the time. Its printable counterparts, meanwhile, come in several styles and colors. if you want you can even tweak it a bit! Fine-tune it in a way that will perfectly fit your preferences. Imagine this. While making a monthly meal plan, you can also play around with stickers, sticky notes, and bookmarks. 

5. How to bind your budget meal plans altogether – it all depends on you!

Should you bind it together through strings and rings? You decide. Binder planners are amazing since you can rearrange the inserts anytime you want using all sorts of materials.

Moreover, if you are one of those people who love to take out planner pages and put them back in, using discs is a brilliant idea. Discs = interchangeable everything. It’s so customizable! 

Does creating a weekly meal preparation plan actually help financially and or with time management within the households daily life? Yes of course! 

1. Saves a Big Amount of Money

Creating weekly meal plans on a budget ahead of time allows you to save money. Why? You’ll know in advance the dishes you will be cooking. Lesser chance of overspending!

You can plan meals around those ingredients you already have at home. If you fail to plan your meals, you end up overspending and buying more. More food will end up being tossed in the trash. 

A meal planning printable will also save you from ordering take outs and eating out. I know trying new restaurants and dishes is fun, but expensive.

I’m sure you’d rather use that money in far more important things. Through meal planning and by avoiding unnecessary food purchases, you can save many dollars each month!

2. Helps Lessen Food Waste

Always go to the grocery store with a solid plan on hand. When each food product and ingredient has a purpose, there’s no need to worry about them going to waste.

What I do is that I make my shopping list after looking at the items I already have in my kitchen. Then, I set a meal plan budget. 

3. Helps Reduce Stress

Since there’s already an existing meal plan based on a budget, there’s no need to worry about what to have for lunch or dinner. You’ll know when to get food items out of the freezer and lessen your expenses. 

The good news is that you download my FREE elegant meal planner bundle.


4. Use a weekly meal budget planner to save tons of Time

Making cheap meal plans for families is quite a process. It involves not just cooking, but also making grocery lists and shopping for other household items. If you’re always busy and on the go, consider cooking freezer-friendly meals in bulk. That way, you can also save grocery store trips! 

5. Helps You Eat Healthier

Do you want to resist the temptation of ordering an expensive take out dinner? How can you avoid visiting that popular fast food drive-thru tomorrow morning? Try planning a cheap healthy meal plan for two. Eating frozen pizzas and other dishes loaded with sodium may be easier, but enjoying healthy home-cooked meals with a special someone is still the best! 

6. Lessen Decision Fatigue

Each time you make a choice or decision, it uses up most of your brain’s mental energy.The more choices you make, the faster your mental energy drains.  From there, it becomes more difficult since your mental strength gets depleted. Rational thinking becomes a major struggle since your brain’s already tired. You can avoid decision fatigue with the help of a meal planner (yes, even if you’re only meal planning for one on a budget). Always plan your meals ahead of time when your mental health is at its peak, so there’s no longer a need for you to decide in the middle of a busy week. 

What’s the best meal plan?! What are good methods for meal planning. Here are some tips!

1. Ask your loved ones and housemates what they want to eat. 

The busiest, most preoccupied out there often forget this! Always ask your family, friends or roommates what they want to eat. It makes the entire preparation process fun, as if giving someone a special gift. 

2. Check the weather from time to time.

The weather constantly changes, just like our meals. Look at the current forecast. So, are you in the mood for a healthy chocolate shake, homemade ice cream, soap or grilled shrimp salad? Grab that weekly meal budget planner now! 

3. Know what’s bound to happen the entire week.

Are Thursdays filled with rehearsals and practices? Expecting a relaxing weekend? Consider the week’s events when planning meals. Chances are, if you’re busy almost the entire week, you would want to prepare meals ahead of time and store them inside the freezer. Just find your rhythm, and use your weekly meal budget planner to organize your plans. 

4. Choose the perfect place to save those amazing recipes.

Okay, so when planning your weekly meals, you choose to go with a printable planner. How about when saving those delicious recipes your kids’ love? Well, do whatever it is that works for you. Whatever makes life easier. You may go for a note-taking app or a social platform like Pinterest.

The good news is that you download my FREE elegant meal planner bundle.


5. Look for delicious, unique recipes.

Browse websites and blogs for recipes for every occasion. If you want to invest in cookbooks, go ahead! There are priceless recipes in every corner of the internet. You need to get inspired! 

6. Make a meal plan, shopping list, and choose a shopping day.

Plenty of people who seemed to have success in a thorough meal planning shop with a purpose. They never shop without a list, and recipes in mind.  Setting a date and time always helps you save not just money but also time!

7. Know your cooking style and time limitations.

Working on a weekly meal planner with a grocery list on a budget can be overwhelming. Do you think you can really cook that special yet complex dish?! Contemplate on your cooking style and preferences. It’s important to know your limits so you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed.  Do you have a cooking experience? Don’t hesitate to start small. 

8. Don’t overstuff the refrigerator.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when your fridge is over-full. Also, things get hidden in the back, lost behind the mustard. Don’t let things go bad. Keep your fridge airy and light, with a sensible, realistic amount of food in it. Keep a list nearby of everything in the fridge, especially leftovers, as a visual reminder of what remains to be eaten.

9. Keep a well-stocked pantry.

Meals are easier and quicker to prepare if you keep your pantry well-stocked. Don’t run out of olive oil at the most inconvenient moments. Have spices ready to dress up chicken and beans quickly. Keep a lemon and a sheaf of fresh herbs in the fridge at all times.

10. Make your meals healthy and colorful.

Who would want to eat the same meals over and over again? You may be busy most of the time, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat the same easy meals all the time. Eating more vegetables and fruits can provide your body with minerals and vitamins for good health. 

What is a good template for a simplified personal budget planner? Here it is! Get The Ultimate Meal Planner now for free!

Planning weekly meal plans on a budget is a huge hassle. Whether you love doing monthly meal planning, or weekly meals on a budget, I suggest you use The Ultimate Meal Planner to take the hassle out of this routine. Check The Ultimate Meal Planner now! I made this amazing printable to help out anyone who wants to live a stress-free household routine. It includes the following:

  1. Shopping list
  2. Grocery list
  3. Fridge Inventory
  4. Freezer Inventory
  5. Pantry Inventory
  6. Weekly Meal Plan
  7. Favorite Foods
  8. Recipe Cards

Putting this together was the best thing I have ever done. Mealtime is no longer a time I dread…while I open up the fridge & cupboard and try to figure out what to put together to feed my 3 kiddos and hubby. Mealtime prep and sit down with the family are now relaxed and actually fun! I know you will love the ultimate meal planner and it will help you so much! 

Time to Print that Amazing weekly meal budget planner!

What kind of paper should you use?

You can actually use any kind of paper you want. But of course, the thicker it is, the better. I suggest you invest in a high-quality printer that can work with thick paper materials. Who knows? In the future, you might print greeting cards, too! Using thicker, quality paper means long-lasting results. 

How about the printing size?!

Check the document’s size. Does it compare to your printer’s paper size? If yes, go ahead and print it at 100%. However, if not, you need to scale it in order to fit the paper, resulting in smaller images. 

The good news is that you download my FREE elegant meal planner bundle.

Printing colors?!

The colors you see on the computer screen will not exactly match those on paper. Monitors utilize a unique color system. In addition to that, screen settings vary a lot, depending on ink and paper quality. 

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