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One of the best ways to add more personality and flair to your bullet journal notebook is to use different fonts. You can change up the colors, sizes, and bullet journal lettering, and make each page unique! This is very easy to do since journal lettering requires less skill compared to doodling. There is no need to buy expensive pens to make awesome bullet journal fonts! Here are some fabulous ideas for this year.

The most difficult part of doing bullet journal lettering is mixing and matching fonts. Do you think you have enough bullet journal supplies to make incredible designs? Before we dive into awesome journal font ideas, I want to share some of my best bullet journal tools and where to buy an affordable bullet journal.  Trust me having the best bullet journal fonts is using the best bujo font tools.

Start your bullet journaling lettering routine with these supplies!

This journal stencil planner set that you can use not just for your bullet journal, but also for handmade family holiday cards, greeting cards and letters.

This bullet journal notebook that is 24% heavier compared to other journal brands.

✅  This card ink pen set can help you make beautiful letterings and line widths.

These fine tip pens will change the way you approach drawing in your bullet journal.  I adore them and I can’t live without them.

These ball pens are loved by many bullet journalist friends because of its great for creating flowy strokes. 

This highlighter pen set is a top choice for those who love bullet journaling. 

These washable markers are perfect for writing, coloring and drawing.

These washi tapes have wonderful, unique patterns.

These set of pens are designed for every person who loves calligraphy, drawing, and art therapy. 

This graphite paper will save you tons of time by capturing each detail in your original design smoothly. 

These bullet journal stickers will look beautiful for almost every kind of spread imaginable. 

 These watercolor brush pens offer good colors for blending and shading bigger areas.

✅  These sticky notes</sp

I often get asked…

How Can I Learn Handlettering for Bullet Journaling

Here is the thing before you try your hand at bullet journal lettering or even bullet journal calligraphy I recommend you try these super easy ways to improve your journaling handwriting.

Bullet Journal Handwriting Ideas:

  • For those of you who dislike making mistakes, use a pencil first then you can trace a pen over the top.  A must for bujo fonts enthusiasts.
  • Another trick is to print off bullet journal calligraphy fonts that you like and then trace over them.  It will help you perfect your journal lettering.
  • Pick easy fonts to write to begin with.  This will help you gain confidence when it comes to selecting your next font ideas.
  • Pretend you are in elementary school and practice your bullet journal alphabet.
  • Pick cute bullet journal fonts that you like and watch videos on hand-lettering.  Check out Pinterest or Youtube for these videos.
  • Get some good pens from my list above to help you in your bullet journal lettering quest.  Bujo fonts here we come!

Beautiful Bullet Journal Fonts You Can Practice Today

1. Simple Serif

In typography, a serif is a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter. Some people call it the typewriter font – a good way to provide your headers and cover pages some authority.

The best thing about it though is that it’s so easy to make! You just need to write the word carefully, while keeping the lines as straight as you can. 

Don’t you just love this journal lettering?

2. Gradient Fill


Not familiar with color gradients?! Even if you think you don’t know this journal lettering technique, I’m sure you already saw it somewhere else.

Colors are an amazing way to improve your work, and doing the gradient effect can take it to the next level. 

First, choose two colors that go well together. I suggest taking one darker and one brighter color for the best results. Start applying your darker tone either on top or bottom of the word. With your blending pen start gently blending the two colors.  Another incredible bujo fonts idea!

3. Block Letter Fonts


Block letters are never boring and are remarkable bullet journal elements. For me, these block letters are perfect for headers, cover pages, and quotations.

The dot and grid, and square bullet journal paper make it easy to draw block letters. Block letter bujo fonts give more attention to titles. It doesn’t look fancy, so anyone can do it. 

4. Food-Inspired Lettering


Whether you love cooking or just someone who enjoys eating, there’s no denying that food brings out our quirky side. Do you know what else comes with good food?

Perfectly designed bullet journal fonts! While eating fruits as dessert after a hearty lunch, design some of your BuJo pages. These bujo fonts don’t just belong in cookbooks and restaurant menus. This style also complements your food reviews or meal plans!

5. Shade Brush Letter


Drawing font shadows can be tricky. Before starting, imagine light spots on the sides of the letters – casting shadows on the left side.

That’s how you make realistic shadows. These shadows can be thick or thin, or dark or light. It can either be away from or close from the letters. 

6. Christmas-inspired Fonts


Christmas designs are not just reserved for the holiday season. I, myself, love making such designs in my own bullet journal to cheer up on the tiring days. Christmas-inspired bullet journal fonts can be used all-year-round. 

From candy canes to Christmas trees, these techniques allowed me to work on more elaborate designs. Remember, the more fonts for bullet journal techniques you learn, the more creative you get! And here are we go with some more font ideas…

7. Game-Inspired Fonts


So, you love playing video games (or perhaps any other game?!)? If you love playing Minecraft or any other exciting game, use it as an inspiration to come up with wonderful bullet journal fonts. It takes a bit of creativity to accomplish this one! Take the time to practice these font ideas.


8. Half Block Font


If the block letters appear challenging for you, why don’t you start with half block ones?

It’s a lot easier to get the letters all the same height and size compared to block letters. You can even use an ordinary, cheap pen if you want! Yup you will still be the master of bujo fonts aka bullet journal lettering.

9. Bubble Font


No need to keep letters straight, clean, and thick! Block letters can also be cute, curvy, and sassy. When I was a kid, I love drawing these kinds of lettering in my journals.

I just found out recently that some people call it bubble fonts! And, surprisingly, it’s not just for children. Many grownups love using these bullet journal fonts on their pages. 🙂

10. Skinny Caps


Skinny uppercase letters look great on banners and headers. You can use these not just in your bullet journal but on other types of planners as well. As for me, I love using them on calendar headers and monthly titles! Yes I am a font ideas junkie.

11. Letter Flags


Drawing flags and letters around your bullet journal pages are fun, easy to make! First, draw a line across the page, and then draw flags of roughly the same size.

Feel free to use a ruler to take accurate measurements! Add letters inside these flags and color them in any way you want. You can use watercolor, colored pencils, or felt tip pens.  Just another amazing journal lettering idea.

12. Combine letters and shapes


To produce beautiful bullet journal fonts, you don’t actually need lots of fancy pens and expensive paper. It’s possible to create high-impact letters using an affordable black pen!

All you need really is the determination to explore wonderful designs! It’s fine to make mistakes and explore new designs – one that is completely your own.

Looking for a new bullet journal font you want to try? I say try combining letters and shapes! This brings creative fonts for bullet journal to a whole new level.

13. Random Letter Art


Bullet journals are supposed to be fun and pretty, and represent who you really are as a person. Don’t feel pressured into producing brilliant, complex designs. Simple is always pretty. I suggest you make random letterings like the one above.

See?! You don’t need to be an experienced artist to create random letter art. To make it even prettier, you can use stickers, washi tapes and markers in bright colors. 

Here’s a brilliant suggestion.

Create a time capsule in your bullet journal and document your “favorites of the month.” It will be amazing to look back after months or years and see that point in your life.

Include your favorite purchases, accessories, tv shows, and movies. As for the lettering, go for random designs, depending on your mood.  These are your inspired fonts for bullet journals.

14. Cactus-Inspired Letter Art 


Do you love plants? If yes, you’ll love this bullet journal font! Look, when you’re thinking of amazing fonts to use on your bullet journal, start with the ones you know you’ll truly enjoy. Having plants around is beneficial, not only because they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

They also improve our concentration and productivity. Drawing vegetation on your bullet journal wouldn’t help eliminate harmful toxins but its visual beauty can help us relax. 🙂

You can create bullet journal lettering inspired by many types of plants! Cacti are the most popular ones used today.

15. Calligraphy Bullet Journal Lettering


Writing calligraphy bullet journal fonts can be tricky, most especially if you’re not used to using brushes. Fortunately, there’s another option.

Explore the faux calligraphy technique if you want to achieve brush letter styles but don’t have the skills to make it.

This is one of my favorite bullet journal fonts! Take note that to achieve this, you still need to practice cursive handwriting. That’s basically the foundation of faux lettering.  Bujo fonts at it’s finest.

Doing the faux calligraphy technique means writing the text using your usual cursive handwriting, and just adding brush lettering elements. Yes, it’s possible to fake the heavy and light stroke patterns!

More Bullet Journal Font Ideas!

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My Source



The Source

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The Source

Our Source

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Our Source

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The Source

Our Source


The Source

bullet-journal-font-5400The Source

The best fonts are done by hand!

All of these bullet journal letterings are very easy to do! Once you have mastered making these on your pages, it’s time to combine different techniques to add your own personal touches. The more you experiment and practice, the more you can improve. Feel free to look for more ideas on Pinterest and Instagram. What’s amazing about this activity is that it can lead to handwriting practice. You just need to have enthusiasm and time to sharpen your skills. Trust me, it is exciting and therapeutic!

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